Get to Know NEPAL

Nepal is a country in the center of South Asia. It lies upon the ancient trade routes between the civilizations of India and China through the Himalayan Mountains. Eight of the fourteen highest mountains are found along Nepal’s northern border with Tibet, China. Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, is one of them.

Nepal also has extensive “hill country” with green forested mountains and fast rushing rivers that come down from the highest peaks. At the lowest elevation is the Terai plain, which is part of the Ganges River Valley. Its jungle runs along the southern edge of the country. Nepal has some of the most diverse ecosystems, plant, and animal life in the world.

Nepal is also one of the most beautiful places in the world, It has natural beauty that surprises and delights us. We have least 125 languages and cultures and a rich, proud history. Rare wildlife lives in Nepal, like the Snow Leopard, the Nepali national bird called the Danphe {Lophophorus}, one horned rihno and the Royal Bengal Tiger.

With such a rich history and many isolated communities in the mountains, Nepal has over 125 different language groups and cultures. They are ancient and proud, and many people still live according to their traditional way of life.


But in 2015, the worst natural disaster in the nation’s history struck in a moment!

The poor and underprivileged Nepali people need help to become more self-sufficient. They struggle economically and need information to better protect their health and legal rights.

COMMUNITY SERVICE OF NEPAL is a nonprofit organization run by Nepali citizens who work to help their countrymen. Madhav Bhandari founded the organization, which is run by a group of Nepali social workers. Everyone volunteers their services to help the poor and needy.

Madhav Bhandari distributes relief supplies in an isolated village immediately after the earthquakes.

Come with us on an internet journey to Nepal and see how regular Nepali people are devoting their time as volunteers to provide professional social work and humanitarian releif to the people of their country. Our work is made possible by the help of talents and support of people around the world. We hope you will want to help us. But first, please see what we are doing.