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And Welcome to Nepal!

We have been very busy, working in Nepal to advance the lives of the poor and needy people in Lalitpur and Sindhulpachowk Districts. We are an organization made up of ordinary Nepali people who care deeply about the people around us. We have been volunteering our services as professional humanitarians for decades. With the help of our friends from around the world, we have done many projects to help our fellow Nepali citizens.

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We have a lot to show you!

We hope you will feel inspired to help us in our mission to help the earthquake survivors and other underprivileged people of Nepal become more healthy, educated, and self-sufficient.

Welcome to Nepal!

The amazing country at the top of the world . . .

Our Legal Authority

We have done professional social work in Nepal for decades, and we formed Community Service of Nepal as a Nepali Government registered nonprofit in 2014. Helped by friends and partners from around the world, we are regular Nepali citizens who have been able to share professional solutions to help solve social problems in our own country.

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Discover Nepal!

Nepal has over 125 separate languages and cultures in a country the size of Colorado! It grew along the ancient trade routes between India and China through the Himalayan mountain passes. Nepal goes from nearly sea level on the southern edge of the country to eight of the ten highest mountains in the world along the Northern edge. Nepal is a land of amazing contrasts – great beauty and ancient culture, some of the widest variety of animal and bird life in the world, pride and patriotism, along with people who suffer from tremendous need. The picture above is of the Kumari, the living Goddess of Nepal. She is revered as part of the dominant Hindu religion. Nepal was closed to the western world completely until the 1950’s and was the only officially Hindu kingdom in the world. Now it is a democracy. Come and fall in love with the exotic natural beauty and rich culture of Nepal!

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Earthquake Disaster!

On April 25th 2015 a massive earthquake struck Nepal and devastated the country. Nearly 9,000 people died and more than 22,000 suffered injuries. The force of the earthquake was like FIFTEEN HIROSHIMA BOMBS going off just below the surface of the city! The overall damage is estimated to be at about $10 billion, which is more than half a year’s GDP for Nepal, which is one of the poorest countries in the world. The average person in Nepal lived on just $1.50 per day before the earthquakes, and afterwards became a very desperate time. Even the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Community Service of Nepal was living under a makeshift tarpaulin tent with his family and his neighbors in the pouring monsoon rains for a while after the earthquakes, while he continued to volunteer his time to help the less fortunate.

We have photos from that time available HERE

The Terrible Need for Services

After a 10-year civil war, Nepal was just starting to get back on its feet when the earthquakes hit! Countless tens of thousands of orphan children wander the streets with nowhere to go. They are often exploited into slave labor or captured by sexual predators. Many adults in the prime of life have had to go overseas looking for work. This further breaks down the family structure. Our agency conducted the first scientifically designed survey of the earthquake survivors to see what services they need the most to help them become more healthy and secure in their family homes. We surveyed 415 families who live scattered in rugged and isolated hill country. They had been among the most severely affected by the earthquakes. We have tailored our services to fit the needs that they expressed in the survey. As a result, the earthquake survivors appreciate our services very much.

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Our Humanitarian Work

Community Service of Nepal has done extensive work over the years to help the poor and underprivileged people of Nepal. We emphasize education, improving health, building infrastructure and economic development. Instead of just telling you about our work, we would prefer to show you in pictures. For example, this is the award ceremony for two children to become able to go through school. The scholarship pays for school uniforms, books, and school supplies. These expenses keep many Nepali children out of school. Please click below to see all of the many things we are already doing to help the Nepali people get on their feet.

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Penry Herdman, the son of one of our supporters from the United Kingdom is visiting the Koplia Child Protection Center while he was in Nepal. He is just a little bit taller than the average Nepali!

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