The Nepali People Need Help!

Nepali people are very tough and resilient. We need to be, because our life is extremely difficult. The country was just beginning to recover from a ten-year civil war with communists, when the earthquakes hit. The country looked like it had been hit by a nuclear bomb!

Many of our adults were forced to go overseas to find work on cruise ships and as maids. Back home, the hardship is especially difficult for children and the elderly. Uncounted orphan children roam the streets. The people in isolated villages farm the rocky ground using primitive hand tools. Although we have free public education, it is unavailable to the poor and needy because they can not afford school uniforms, books, and school supplies.

These pictures show some of the problems Community Service of Nepal works to resolve.

Children on their way to school over a swolen river
The hopelessness of life on the street for the uncounted tens of thousands of orphans in Nepal
Carrying wood for her family to cook on
A girl doing homework while selling vegetables to help support her family. She is one of the lucky ones because she is able to attend school and she has something to sell.
One of the countless homeless street children
A mother hauling farm produce while carrying her young child. Her older child is helping as best he can
A child working in the Brick Factory
A girl carrying bricks for a living
A child in the countryside carrying firewood
One of the street children trying to catch some rest.
An elderly woman working her small plot of land
A girl happy to be washing her clothes for school
An elderly farmer taking a break from using his hand tools
Look into this child’s eyes. He wants something better in life.
Street children begging so they can eat.
Madhav Bhandari surveying earthquake damage in his hometown
Child labor is a serious problem in Nepal
Isolated children attending school in the snow after their school building was destroyed
Education is highly valued in Nepal and many children are unable to attend school because of the cost, so these students are ready to learn
A family in the coutryside carrying their belongings.
An elderly woman in the countryside who lost her home in the earthquakes, standing by a temporary makeshift shelter
More child labor in the Brick Factory
A boy in the countryside with a heavy load
Even the youngest children carry heavy loads
Elderly people winnowing grain the same way their ancestors did.
Children cooking over wooden fires at an orphanage.
This boy’s father is a single parent and is disabled, so he can’t go to school like he wishes he could do.
Carrying firewood is a daily chore

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Nepal’s needy people