Promoting Health

Good Health Care Can Be Very Difficult to

Obtain in the Remote Areas of Nepal

Even when severely ill people are able to make the trek

to the hospital for care, they often have no way to

pay for services.

Here are a few examples of humanitarian work we have done:

We raised funds to give to the mother of this young girl to help with her expenses in the Intensive Care Unit. The daughter had a brain tumor, but is doing well now with ongoing treatment.

This young man required a bone marrow transplant and we were able to raise funds to help with his treatment. He is still doing well but also requires ongoing treatment.

We have helped countless needy people with medicine as simple as something for fever or a diarrhea treatment. This may seem like a small thing but in the remote country of Nepal it can be the difference between life and death. Madhav Bhandari’s own cousin died because he was in a remote area and he could not get help for diarrhea before it took his life.

This young boy was in a terrible accident and required orthopedic treatment. We helped his family with the expenses as well, and he is now able to walk with assistance.