Promoting Education

Madhav Bhandari and Community Service of Nepal

have worked to promote education

in many ways over the years.

It began with Madhav and his family have been sponsoring young people like little Sajita’s education. They have been paying for her school uniform, books, and school supplies for the last six years. Her father died in an accident and her poor, uneducated mother would not have been able to send her to school without assistance. The school helps with her brother’s education, but without our help Sajita would not have been able to go too.

Here, Madhav Bhandari has just delivered books and school supplies to the orphans at the Kopila Child Protection Center.

The Children at the Kopila Child Protection Center receive new books to read

The crowning achievement of this work was the establishment of a scholarship program to help promising young people advance their education.

Madhav Bhandari and his elder brother established this scholarship in the name of their late mother, Mahalaxmi Bhandari. Karuna Basnet (left) and Pragat Khadha (right) are the 2019-20 Scholarship Recipients. The scholarship is awarded to needy children graduating from 8th grade so that they can continue their education. The scholarship pays for school uniforms, books, and school supplies, which can be the reason why young Nepali children are unable to attend school.

But That is Not All!

Based on the results of our Scientific Baseline Study of 411 widely dispersed earthquake survivor families, we have promoted educational classes on the information which they overwhelmingly requested to help them recover from the devastation they were experiencing even two years after the earthquakes.

The classes ranged from several days long to over a month long.

Here are photos from just a few of our classes on:

  1. Sarting a Small Business
  2. Nutrition and Food Handling Safety.
  3. Health, Sanitation and Stop the Spread of Communicable Diseases.
  4. Basic Law and Legal Rights of Women.
  5. Advanced Beautician Classes
  6. Drug, Alcohol and Cigarette Awareness for Adults and Youth.
  7. Composting and Fertilizer Manufacture.
  8. Mushroom Farming.
  9. Fish Farming.
  10. Goat Farming.
  11. Cow and Buffalo Farming.
  12. Off-Season Organic Vegetable Farming and Seed Distribution,
  13. Seasonal Organic Fruit Farming and Plant and Seed Distribution.

Not to Mention the Fact. . .

That in addition to the school which was founded by Madhav’s parents. Madhav was instrumental in the construction of another community school about an hour’s walk away. It is the building with the blue roof that you see in the pictures of his hometown. In the photographs below, Madhav has brought a group of educators from Kathmandu and overseas, and the entire school and the principal have come out to greet them as they arrive after their four hour hike up from the river valley.