Supporting Children

Nepal Has Countless Orphans Living on the Street.

They are exploited in every way possible, from child labor to human trafficking.

Many become hopeless and resort to using inexpensive drugs, like sniffing glue, which destroys their brains and their health and can lead to an early death.

It is a way to escape the hunger

But We Began Supporting Orphans Years Before We Founded Community Service of Nepal

First, we paid the living expenses of widows who would take orphans in off the street.

But then, the Earthquakes came, and everything changed.

The Kopila Child Protection Center Lost their home and the 30 children (more or less at different times) and their two caretakers were forced to live under a homemade tent for six long months until we were able to secure them a place to stay. With the help of our international parters, we fed them all that time.

We continued to feed them, brought them clothes, arranged for medical care, and paid their school expenses for two more years until they were finally accepted into a government-subsidized orphanage.