A Personal Letter from Madhav

Madhav Bhandari at his desk.

NAMASTE Dear Friends,

I am very happy to let you know that our non-profit organization named Community Service of Nepal is working for needy people and looking for your any support, sharing ideas and possible donation to our humanitarian mission. Also sharing this post to reach out possible generous people.

Our board officers, members and all supporting staffs are working as volunteer to support our programs.

We are trying to conduct some humanitarian projects for earthquake survivors and underprivileged people to strengthen their financial status providing them vocational education classes in following areas.

These are the effective vocational teaching classes that we received requests for from the earthquake survivors and underprivileged people who want to change their lives in positive way according to our own scientific baseline survey research we did in 2017.

We surveyed 411 isolated earthquake survivor households and these are the requests they made, so these are the projects we focus on giving to them:

1. Educational support to needy children (orphans and needy children of the villages who don’t go school for formal education due to various reason.)

2. Micro enterprises stimulation classes.

3. Nutrition and Food handling.

4. Organic vegetable and seasonal fruit farming.

5. Goat farming and seeds distribution.

6. Health, sanitation and learning stop communicable diseases.

7. Basic law and legal rights training program for women.

8. Awareness classes for youth and adult not to use drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.

9. Cow/Buffalo farming.

10. Poultry farming.

11. Transportation to health support program. (i.e. health camp, providing ambulance to the remote villages).

12. Support to build the school building and hospitals.

We have conducted some of above mentioned vocational education classes last year with the funding support of local government. We have posted photos of these activities in this website. We will expand our programs as funds become available from the local government, other international organizations and individuals as well.

Thank you all for all of yours kind concern, thoughts and support towards our humanitarian mission.

With best regards,

Madhav Bhandari

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Community Service of Nepal

Make a Donation to Help Our Mission:

PayPal and other similar services do not allow you to send money to Nepal. The Nepali Government requires us to keep a full accounting of all donations received from international services, so the way to donate to our mission is by having your bank handle an international transfer of the amount you wish to donate directly to our bank account. It is regulated by international law and is very safe.

Our bank information is:

Community Service of Nepal

Sunrise Bank Limited, Nepal

Account Number 03610275443011
Swiftcode SRBLNPKA

Godavari municipality ward No: 3,
Taukhel, Lalitpur, Nepal
Telephone number: 00 977 (984) 126-4391

Please send us a message by clicking HERE to let us know your transfer is on the way.

or send us an email at:


Thank You for Your Help!

“This earth will be beautiful till blossoms the lotus inside human as kindness.”
– A Buddhist follower Padhmasambhav